Lunch at Lilac Blossom, Nashua, NH

Lilac Blossom, Nashua, NH

Lilac Blossom, Nashua, NH

A few months ago, my good friend and coworker Darshan recommended that my wife and I try his favorite Chinese restaurant in Nashua, Lilac Blossom. We found ourselves in Nashua on a recent Saturday, so we dropped in for lunch. Lilac Blossom has two locations in Nashua; we chose the the location in the south end of town, based on Darshan’s recommendation.

The thirty-item lunch menu was very affordable, and each item on the menu included choice of soup and rice. I ordered a spicy dish called Twice Fried Pork, accompanied with hot and sour soup and brown rice. Elisa made the same soup and rice choices to accompany another of the spicy items on the menue, Shrimp with Garlic Sauce.

Both choices were excellent. This is not a typical “brown-sauce” joint. The hot and sour soup was some of the best we’ve had, and the vegetables that accompanied each dish were absolutely fresh and perfectly prepared. The brown rice was a short-grain variety that I am not particularly fond of, but it was perfectly prepared. On a subsequent visit I ordered white rice, which turned out to be a long-grain variety that I definitely prefer over their brown rice. The sauce was spicy with subtle flavors underneath the heat, but not so overpowering that it kept the taste of the main ingredients from being the star of the meal.

We found the restaurant extremely clean, the staff efficient and friendly, and the prices, particularly on the lunch menu, unbeatable for food of this quality.

Three stars!

Lilac Blossom
385 East Donstable
Nashua, NH

(603) 888-9588
(parking lot on premises)

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