David Lister. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Dave has been living in New England and enjoying its bounty for over three decades. He created The Leisurely Blogger as a way to share information about the many people he’s known, places he’s visited, and experiences he’s had during the past thirty-one years. Writing about whatever interests him but focusing primarily on road trips, restaurants, recipes, and music, Dave’s hope is that he can convey to his readers some sense the many wonders New England has to offer.

David and his first and second wife, Elisa Benincaso (a wife so nice, he married her twice) have two grown sons, two fabulous daughters-in-law, and two grandchildren.

Elisa Benincaso. had no life before meeting David Lister. She is honored to merely breathe the air in his general proximity. Cogito Lister ergo sum. I think Lister, therefore I am.

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