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Maple Syrup Season in New Hampshire

It’s maple syrup season here in New England, and for the past few weeks, sugarhouses have been busy, boiling down maple sap to create maple syrup. You really don’t see sap buckets on the trees like the ones shown in … Continue reading

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Homemade Griddle Cake (Pancake) Mix

Ingredients Basic Mix: 5 cups all purpose flour 2 Tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 cup granulated sugar 2 teaspoons Salt Additional Ingredients: 1 cup milk 1 egg, beaten 2 Tablespoons margarine, melted Making the Dry Griddle Cake Mix … Continue reading

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A Better Refrigerator Magnet

First, I must confess. Refrigerator magnets are overused, and the flat expanses of the sides and doors of refrigerators suffer the consequences, becoming nothing more than bulletin boards of hopeless, cluttered kitsch. Nevertheless, most of these inexpensive little doo-dads fall … Continue reading

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You call that a knife?

One at a time over the years, as I could afford them, I have slowly put together a quality collection of kitchen knives. I couldn’t do without my bread slider or my paring knife, but in my collection, this one, … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Bread Baking

This morning, as I occasionally do on Sunday mornings, I baked up this nice loaf of crusty, rustic European bread. This particular loaf is destined for Elisa’s Ribollita recipe, but I’m also baking a second one, just to have around … Continue reading

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Dinner at New World Bistro Bar, Albany, NY

My wife and I drove to Albany a few weeks ago to see the Doc Watson concert at The Egg. Elisa had researched the restaurant scene in Albany, and after she showed me the menu, we decided that the New … Continue reading

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Concert Review: Doc Watson

At eighty-seven years of age, legendary guitarist Doc Watson still maintains a touring schedule. Usually when a musician of his stature continues to perform this late into his career, he begins to be described as a “musical treasure.” Often, those … Continue reading

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Spicy Basmati Rice with Black Mustard Seeds

  Ingredients 2 cups basmati rice 4 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 medium onion, peeled, halved, and sliced into paper-thin half rings 1 red bell pepper, sliced into very thin strips (optional) 2 teaspoons black mustard seed 2 teaspoons fresh minced … Continue reading

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